How is it Made?

There are mainly 5 steps to make Assal Patram and the compatibility of the weather has to be seen for all.
The highest quality of natural clay, harvested from non-industrialized, remote and secluded  area used to prepare the products which are ethically tested in an independently working Indian state laboratory NABL Certified.

Step One

Galan Process

A Premium quality of soil is used in preparing the clay for Assal Patram. As it is the purest form of soil escorted from forests, it contains several impurities like pebbles, roots of plants and many others. To remove these substances from the soil it is washed with water. Later the soil is kept under the sun so that it dries and contains no moisture. 

Step Two

Mardan Process

मर्दनम् गुण वर्धनम्

Assal Patram Nutrition

Mardana is a vital process as per the Rasa Shastra in Ayurveda. In this process, the soil collected is transfered into the Pestle and Mortar (Khalar) and then it is rubbed thoroughly for next three days to get fine soil particles. After rubbing the soil continuously for 72 hours, Earthenware structure is obtained.

Step Three

Shodhana Process

उद्दिष्टेरौषधैः सार्धं क्रियते पेषणादिकम्।
मलविच्छित्तये यत्तु शोधनं तदिहोच्यते ॥र.त.॥

Assal Patram shodhna process

The next step after the Mardan process is to purify the soil. In order to cleanse, the soil is transmitted into an iron pan and heated on a certain temperature using organic fuel, i.e, cow dung cake. Later, Clarified butter ( cow’s ghee) and other liquid ingredients are added to the soil. After, these elements are added it is heated continuously for minimum 6 hours. Lastly, the soil is examined for its purity, if no impurities are found, it is considered that the soil is ready for the next step, else it is heated again for several hours unless it looses all it impurities. 

Step Four

Dhalan Process

संद्रावितस्य द्रव्यस्य द्रवे निक्षेपणन्तु यत् ।
ढालनं तत्समुद्दिष्टं रसकर्म विशारदैः । ।

What follows next after Shodhana is Dhalan process. This step is to put the clay into the desired shape. Our experts and trained staffs carry out this step manually by rolling the soil onto a wheel.  No mould or matrix or any other shape giver is used in this operation. Once the desired shape is attained, it is again kept down for sun baking. It takes approximately 3 to 4 days to dry completely.

Step Five

Nirvaap Process

धात्वादेर्वह्नितप्तस्य जलादौ यन्निषेचनम् ।
स निर्वापः स्मृतश्चापि निषेकः स्नपनञ्च तत् ।।

Assal Patram Nirvap Process

Finally, yet importantly, the prepared utensils are kept into a big vessel covered with sand and then cow dung for several determined hours. As per the Shastras of Ayurveda, this procedure is pursued for next 7 days without any internal. As a final point, our product, Assal Patram is ready for your use.  

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