Rich with Minerals

The Assal Patram consists of various Minerals & Micro Minerals within it. The plate and bowl is composed using uniquely prepared clay which is rich in several minerals like zinc, magnesium, etc.
Zinc contains properties which boosts our immune system, Magnesium controls blood sugar level as well as nerve function. While Potassium maintains blood pressure level. Accordingly, all the minerals are essential for our body to function efficiently.
No matter how much we become conscious about our health and diet. There are around more than 30 minerals which we cannot gain from our daily food or meal. Assal Patram’s composition ensures that your daily intake of minerals is balanced as per the requirement. It contains not only those minerals which are  drawn from your cuisine, but those minerals as well which cannot be obtained even from a wholesome diet.
Assal Patram is a solution to all your nutrition and minerals requirement that is being provided at your doorstep with a single click. This product is completely based on Ras sashtra Which has been used since Vedic times.

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