Weight Loose

Increasing weight or level of obesity has become a common issue in today’s day to day life. Every second person in the whole world is trying to maintain their body weight and the basic requirement for this is low intake of oil within their meal. Obesity may lead to several other health issues like high cholesterol, heart blockages, etc. 

Assal Patram comes as a savior for those who are conscious of their health as well as obesity. Along with its mineral rich formula, this plate comes as an oil absorber from your meal as well. The special clay that is used to prepare this plate helps in absorbing more than 75% oil from your meal. Low amount of oil in your daily diet helps resisting and overcoming several weight related health issues.

According to the various surveys conducted, one in four people are prone to having cardiovascular diseases. in the view of health experts, the root cause of heart problems is the high amount of oil involved in your meal. Our plate, Assal Patram allows you to enjoy fat free meal, without any extra effort. It acts as your dietician which doesn’t allow to have food that doesn’t suits your body, as it absorbs oil from the food.

In this busy schedule it has become difficult to stay healthy and work with efficiency. Assal Patram is uniquely designed to maintain your body weight so that it doesn’t affect your skills negatively. Excessive body weight may not allow you to perform your daily tasks with utmost efficiency. Fatigue leads to decreased human efficiency which may sometimes cause due to excessive weight. So, this plate is solution to your all types of problems and needs.


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